Meet the Team


Gil Fast, CPA

Over 25 years of experience in International Real Estate markets & Financing. Gil’s vast experience and financial expertise are a true asset to the company and contribute greatly to its success. Gil is constantly engaged in expanding and evolving the company while keeping its family-like characteristics.

Gil’s experience includes senior positions as Director, CFO and Operations executive for big public real estate corporations involved in billion dollars scope projects worldwide, where he gained extensive experience in raising funds, managing private investments, and handling corporate and institutional real estate projects in the US.

Gil is a CPA and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree, specializing in international financing and strategy.


Sharon McCambry

The company’s VP and Executive Manager since 2014, responsible for managing the company’s daily operations, making sure the wheels are rolling. Sharon brings long years of banking and managerial experience and plays an important role in identifying new business opportunities, exploring potential markets and overall growing and expanding the company’s operations.

Before joining Logical, Sharon served in various key management positions in the Banking industry including Branch Manager at JP Morgan Chase & Washington Mutual where she greatly succeeded and ranked as one of the most successful managers for these organizations being an inspiration to colleagues and employees.

Sharon’s diverse experience and managerial skills of the highest levels are a priceless asset for Logical and its success. She is the heart and soul of the company.